I’m a copywriter, creative director, campaign whisperer & conceptual whiz kid.

︎︎︎    Owens Corning - “Meet The Pinks”

“Meet the Pinks” is a campaign anthem spot that follows four “insulation superheroes” as they power up on the newest version of Owens Corning’s signature pink insulation, called PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ Insulation.
Our engagement for “Meet The Pinks” social campaign was 50x higher than the previous average at any Owens Corning division. We doubled followers on Owens Corning Residential social accounts in less than a year and helped to ensure that the product, PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ Insulation was sold out for the entirety of 2021, with future product on back-order for 6 months.

︎︎︎   Owens Corning - “You Don’t Say”

Owens Corning asked us to create a spot that would help pro remodelers understand how they can make additional sales by proposing Atticat™ Insulation to their homeowner clients in need of an easy-to-install home insulation system.
Commercial Spot 

Pro remodelers get a too close-for-comfort peek into their clients’ lives. We turned up the dial on this insight to show crestfallen customers soldiering through unusually uncomfortable conditions, waiting for someone to bear witness to their plight and come to the rescue with Atticat™ from Owens Corning.

︎︎︎    HP - “Supercharge the Change”

“Supercharge the Change” is a social launch strategy for the HP Z8 Fury, a high-end work station for data scientists and creative professionals.
Social Launch Campaign

With the breathless abandon befitting the stature of this monolithic machine, our social launch campaign for the new HP Z8 Fury positioned the new workstation as the ultimate accelerator of high-end work flows.

︎︎︎    Short Film - “Clear Valley Report”

A surreal comedy I wrote and directed, Clear Valley Report was an official selection at Palm Springs International ShortFest, Filmfest Dresden, and São Paulo International Short Film Festival, and Bowery Film Festival.  
Short Film

It’s a tale as old as time...one where a hapless bureaucrat finds himself in a starkly vacant urban landscape amidst the housing crisis and begins to descend into madness.

I used a bold and unconventional visual storytelling approach to recount the misadventure of Tom Gomm, a hapless bureaucrat who finds himself in a recently vacated world without so much as a voicemail left for his benefit. Using sharp visual contrasts and jarring tone shifts, the film frames Tom in environments of brutalist architecture to evoke a sense of alienation and is brought to life with a touch of deadpan humor.

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