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Michael is a writer and non-boring human based in New York City.

Michael Rubin

Creative Director / Copywriter

As an ad creative he’s worked with a wide range of brands speaking to audiences across generations, cultures, geographies, and languages.

He’s a capable 360 maker who has lived many a creative life, with a honed and sophisticated conceptual skillset and personal experience working in every facet of production. 

Before writing copy, he was in the architecture world, selling multi-billion dollar projects that defined the skyline of global cities...mostly in autocratic countries. 

And before that, he was a filmmaker working in Hollywood, designing sets for Christina Aguilera and driving clients to Disneyland. 

He once personally delivered John Malkovich’s  paycheck to the Chateau Marmont in his 2001 Toyota Corolla,  the “Black Stallion.”

This must have been quite a moment for him because he’s still talking about it.