Talking That Talk with NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe

“Talk Sharpe”

A Personal Revelation to Spark Action


Client: Janssen
Role: Creative Director, Copywriter
Tags: Film, Digital, Social

As part of “Talk That Talk” our unbranded prostate cancer awareness for Janssen, we worked with NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe as he revealed his PC diagnosis. He shared his journey through a campaign spot, a revelation to the world on Fox NFL Sunday, and a sit down for a candid, one-of-a-kind interview.

Case Study

Carrying on the Conversation

Additionally, We created a unique Talk That Talk social handle to keep the conversation and community growing, and launched with the help of Shannon Sharpe’s personal story to his 2.4 million followers.


Agency: Hero Collective
Client: Janssen
ECD: John Frazier
GCD: Cameron Watson
CD: Michael Rubin
Writer: John Frazier, Michael Rubin
Account Lead: Sabrina Modellas
Production: neuplot