It’s Time to Talk about Prostate Cancer.

Talk That Talk

Client: Janssen
Role: Creative Director, Writer
1 in 6 Black men will get prostate cancer (PC) during their lifetime, a disease they historically just don’t want to talk about.

Black communities are disproportionately impacted by PC due to deep rooted lack of trust in the healthcare system, implicit bias faced when seeking care, and cultural stigmas that influence proactive care.

With this in mind, Janssen Oncology approached us looking for a campaign with a single metric for success: saving lives.

Shannon Shared His Story

How do you get Black men to talk about their health? How do you get them to talk about prostate cancer, a disease they historically have shown little interest in talking about?

I’ll tell you how — you lead with a once-in-a-generation story from someone they trust, know, and respect — Shannon Sharpe. Then, you create an integrated campaign that shows the richness of the Black experience in its every step with content, outreach, and inspiration rooted in a message of Black Joy and culturally relevant resources, so Black men can get informed and take action.

Saving Lives

The campaign resulted in thousands of men getting checked out, and its impact is just beginning. Black men are talking that talk. The PC conversation is becoming normalized in Black communities and Black men are getting screened early.

862 million impressions

72,000 Black men got screened

6,900 Black men got diagnosed, so they can start treatment


Agency: Hero Collective
Client: Janssen
ECD: John Frazier
SVP CD: Jenn Ng
GCD: Cameron Watson
CD: Michael Rubin 
ACD: Doug Toles
Writer: John Frazier, Michael Rubin
Account Lead: Sabrina Modellas
Production: neuplot