HP Z8 Fury Launch

To announce the launch  of Z by HP‘s newest model aimed at data scientists and high end-creative pros, we zeroed in on a message of speed and computing power with a social campaign that positioned the HP Z8 Fury as the ultimate accelerator of high-end workflows.


I composed the manifesto to infuse a spirit of flow, fluidity and acceleration that you experience when working with the HP Z8 Fury. I studied the cadence, rhythm and oratory flourishes of beat poets like Allen Ginsberg as inspiration, inviting you to tune in and bear witness to the industry-changing creative capabilities of HP’s newest model.

Brand System

The brand system for the launch took an elevated, minimalistic approach with a dotted grid texture at the center that could flex, flow, and find form in any one of our core content pillar “acceleration stories.”

Launch Film

The launch film was focused on how Z accelerates tomorrow’s stories by powering creativity, collaboration, and solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Social Ecosystem

The social ecosystem for the launch was highlighted by “acceleration stories,” with in-depth examinations of creative breakthroughs and industry-changing innovations.

Podcast Series

Beyond social, ”Acceleration Stories” was a long form version of the core content series which cultivated a community based on epic tales of creative breakthroughs and visionary speculations of the future.

Futures Report

The Futures Report invited the HP Z community on a trip into the years ahead, inviting speculation and predicting breakthroughs on the frontiers of high-end creative applications and data science.

Influencer Led Social Series

An influencer led social series invited the HP Z community into the minds of accelerators and innovators, showing the creative excellence possible with best in-class computational power and speed.


Produced at Hero Collective.
Agency: Hero Collective
Client: HP
Project: HP Z8 Fury Launch
ECD: John Frazier
CD: Michael Rubin, Brian Ponto
Writer: Michael Rubin
Designer: Jacob Schuster