"Next Gen Powers, INSULATE!!!"

“Meet the Pinks” is a commercial spot inspired by the campiness of 1970’s cartoons like He-Man and the Superfriends, the narrative follows four “insulation superheroes” as they power up on the newest version of Owens Corning’s signature pink insulation, called Next Gen.

Given that the brand had a long history of success with a vintage cartoon character like the Pink Panther, we decided to root our concept in references ranging from an underwear cladden cartoon icon like He-Man, to the one-liner-loving Wonderfriends, all the way to the powers-combining, huddle-loving habits of one, Captain Planet.  

Our engagement for Meet The Pinks social campaign was 50x higher than the previous average at any Owens Corning division. We doubled followers on Owens Corning Residential social accounts in less than a year and helped to ensure that the product, PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ Insulation was sold out for the entirety of 2021, with future product on back-order for 6 months.

Creative Direction

As Creative Director at Hero Collective, I co-wrote and co-creative directed this spot and campaign along with Hero's Executive Creative Director, John Frazier. Account director Sam Cyphers, account executive Amanda Sisti, Producers Andrés Cortes and Jackie Brown and their team at Neuplot were all instrumental in bringing the final spot and campaign to life.

With a nod to the characteristic pink color of Owens Corning's insulation, we invented "Meet the Pinks," a cast of 4 insulation superheroes set on supercharging the powers of insulation pros to speed through installs and pass inspection with a product that homeowners would hold close to their heart.

Art Direction

The wider campaign art direction strategy was anchored in crafting ownable characters that could star in animated spots and memes to speak to every moment in the world of construction and building materials, a first for the category that resulted in record-breaking engagement on social.


We wanted this B2B product to have personality, playfulness, and leave a lasting impression. We wrote the script searching for the ridiculous, over-the-top moments when superheroes come together for an obligatory declarations of purpose just before going ahead and getting on with the business of the day - saving the known the universe.

We anchored the campaign on these moments like "Next Gen Powers, INSULATE!!!" and "By the Power of Pink!" and then used this tongue-in-cheek voice to elaborate an entire social campaign using pithy memes and illustrations to tell product stories for a B2B product in an entertaining, social first approach.

To realize the final spot and the visuals for the social campaign, we worked with production company Neuplot to help guide design decisions, composition, and animation to ensure we fulfilled the campiness and good-natured fun of the original vision. We rooted the world as a fusion between the Pleasantville-like domesticity of Owens Corning's hometown of Toledo, Ohio combined with the epic proportions of a superhero saga.


Produced at Hero Collective.
Agency: Hero Collective
Client: Owens Corning
Project: “Meet the Pinks”
Launch: 2021
ECD: John Frazier
CD: Michael Rubin
Writer: John Frazier, Michael Rubin
Account Lead: Sam Cyphers
Production: neuplot

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