"Next Gen Powers, INSULATE!!!"

Client: Owens Corning
Role: Creative Director, Writer

The Business Problem:
Owens Corning needed a social media presence to introduce the newest generation of their signature pink fiberglass home insulation to a primarily Gen X target audience, and they needed to do it without resorting to their longtime mascot, the Pink Panther.

The Idea:
Inspired by the campiness of 1970’s cartoons like He-Man and the Superfriends, “Meet The Pinks” follows four “insulation superheroes” as they power up on the pink stuff.

The Result:
Our engagement for the social campaign was 50x higher than the nearest industry competitor. We tripled followers on Owens Corning Residential social accounts in less than a year and helped to ensure that Next Gen Fiberglass was on back order from 2021-2022. In the two years since the Pinks became a fixture of OC Residential’s social presence, OC’s market cap has doubled.


Agency: Hero Collective
Client: Owens Corning
Project: “Meet the Pinks”
Launch: 2021
ECD: John Frazier
CD: Michael Rubin
Writer: John Frazier, Michael Rubin
Account Lead: Sam Cyphers
Production: neuplot