Step into a world of Black-owned Brands.

Black Brand Wonderland is an integrated campaign that transports consumers into a world of wonder, bringing to life the stories of Target’s Black-owned brands through creativity, “imaginative storytelling” and tech-fueled experiences. Using cutting-edge A/R and V/R technology, QR codes and embedded media pixels, and with support from target stores, in-store POS and the mobile devices every consumer carries, our creative campaign will become an interactive user experience that satisfies curiosity and facilitates wonder.

Fueled by the passion, the hustle, the culture and the spirit of Black businesses, Black entrepreneurs, and Black creatives, the campaign positions Black Beyond Measure as a tool for these visionaries and their products to be seen, heard, and authentically experienced.

Drawing inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, Black Brand Wonderland reimagines & remixes the classic fairy tale and invites consumers on a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole with our new Hero, Alicia - a distant cousin of Alice’s, twice removed - as she discovers a tech-fueled cornucopia of color, where commerce and community come together to spotlight Black-owned brands, Black entrepreneurs, their origin stories and their products available at Target, specifically crafted with the Community in mind.

Creative Direction

The client sought a creative strategy to launch Black Beyond Measure, Target's signature initiative for Black customers, into its next evolutionary stage: a platform that would drive Black millennial guest engagement.

Taking stock of the competitive landscape, we saw a lot of brands making efforts to attach their name to an important social movement while falling far short of creating unique, memorable experiences that also contributed to the Black renaissance of the past decade in novel ways.

We saw an opportunity to position Target as an incubator of Black creative culture, partnering with Black creators in key markets to develop in-store and digital experiences that would surprise, delight, and bring to life Target's deep commitment to the Black community.

The Spot

“Alicia in Wonderland”

The spot opens as Alicia, a stylish and aspirational young Black woman, who epitomizes the “Expect more, pay less” mindset, pushes a red Target shopping cart down the aisle at her favorite megastore.

A bottle of Ellis Isle Sweet Tea on the shelf to her left catches her eye. An alluring shelf talker featuring a QR code for the product invites her to discover more. Similar to her distant cousin Alice being prompted to consume the “drink me potion” that fueled her Wonderland, our Hero, Alicia can’t resist the temptation to do the same and taps the notification that appears on her device’s screen.

As our Hero picks up the product, suddenly the flash from her phone spotlights the bottle, setting off a chain reaction of surprise and delight, as the beat drops, instantly transporting her and us into a wonderland of Black owned-brands, shining a light on Black entrepreneurs, whose products are featured at Target, and illuminating the loyalty-inspiring stories that define them.

Suddenly, Nailah Ellis-Brown, CEO of Ellis Infinity Beverage and the entrepreneur responsible for the product our Hero holds appears before her and serves up the story of her company’s success. A story complete with a menagerie of color, commentary and the 411 on exactly how she got it done.


That tea right there. . . might be bottled in Detroit, but the recipe is straight outta Jamaica and steeped in family tradition and for that . . . I gotta thank my great granddad, Pop Ellis.

Our Hero’s excitement is evident as she advances down the aisle, discovering more Black entrepreneurs, other Black businesses and an abundance of amazing products produced with us in mind, elevating and enhancing her experience at her favorite store, even more…

Now . . . what she sees on the shelf is more than just products. She sees herself.

It's a prideful moment ….one that shows progress and epitomizes quintessential Black excellence.  A voiceover & on-screen graphic breaks it down even further and leaves little doubt what all the fuss is about:


Target carries some of the best products from Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs available anywhere…with new products being added all the time…

Our Hero, overjoyed by the obvious, continues to forge forward to other aisles featuring products that are similarly Black Beyond Measure and make her feel like she is exactly where she needs to be, at home at Target.

And with every little step she takes, color, culture and community continue to come to life, making it clear for all to see the impact Black Beyond Measure can have on you and me.

END CARD – Target. Black Beyond Measure

Digital Experiences

Black Brand Wonderland is brought to life through in-store and digital experiences that connect Target consumers to a world of Black owned brands waiting to be discovered down every aisle.

Integrated into the existing Target Circle app, Black Beyond Measure uses dynamic AR experiences that provide an immersive background story for each Black owned brand found on the shelf.

Tapping a QR code connects consumers to a thriving social ecosystem that gives you the behind-the-scenes look at what it means to make Black business happen at Target.

Founders and entrepreneurs give insider tips, recipes, and how-to's for how to get the most out of Black Beyond Measure products.

Produced at Hero Collective.
Agency: Hero Collective
Client: Target
Project: “Black Brand Wonderland”
CEO/CCO: Joseph Anthony
ECD: John Frazier
CD: Michael Rubin
Writer: John Frazier, Michael Rubin

Art Director: Devin Bradford, Alyssa Pennington
Designer: Jen Dodaro

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